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As the largest cardiology practice in the region, The Heart Center offers comprehensive heart care to help your heart stay healthy. Our team is comprised of board-certified cardiologists, many with fellowship training in the services listed below and years of experience providing specialized care.

Testing & Diagnostics

The Heart Center of NGMC offers comprehensive screening and imaging to diagnose heart conditions and develop a treatment plan. Learn more about our testing and diagnostic services here.

Conditions We Treat

As Georgia's leader in heart care, we treat a full spectrum of heart conditions, offering advanced technology and specialization to help improve quality of life and deliver life-saving care.

Heart Failure

Our program stands at the forefront of care for patients with heart failure. We specialize in a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Our cardiologists and staff are experts in treating patients with heart failure and are equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology. The goal is to provide patients with excellent results and the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

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Structural Heart Diseases

Structural heart disease includes a number of conditions that interrupt the natural flow of blood through your heart’s valves and chambers. At The Heart Center, our structural heart program is the leader in all types of complex cardiac valve and defect treatments. Our approach is comprised of heart and vascular experts including Interventional Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiac Imaging.  With our team approach we will recommend the most effective treatment option that will provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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Heart & Vascular Blockages / Interventional Cardiology

Our specialists in interventional cardiology are leaders in the nonsurgical diagnosis and treatment of narrowed arteries that supply blood to the heart and throughout the body.

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Arrhythmia / Heart Rhythm Disorders

Our electrophysiology program has been recognized as among the most advanced in the nation. We offer the full range of treatments including pacemaker, ICD, and cardiac resynchronization therapies. Our electrophysiologists have led the way in the use of advanced magnetic technology in catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.

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Women’s Heart & Vascular Program

NGMC has experienced cardiologists who have been specially trained to diagnose and treat heart disease in women. While women’s and men’s hearts are nearly identical in appearance, there are slight differences in how they function. These differences mean women with heart disease experience a distinct set of signs and symptoms that differ from those in men. Find out if you are at risk!

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Heart Conditions During Cancer Treatment

Cancer survival has improved over the years due to newer and better forms of treatment with chemotherapy and radiation. When treating cancer, some of the treatments may cause lasting damage to your heart, which can weaken it or cause abnormal heart rhythms. The goal of The Heart Center’s Cardio-Oncology Program is to help you complete your cancer treatment without developing such damage. We combine advanced cardiac imaging and protocols for early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardio-toxicity. We work very closely as a team with your oncologist and our care does not interrupt your cancer therapy.

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Heart Conditions in Athletes

A heart condition doesn’t have to end your passion.  At The Heart Center we are dedicated to working with athletes – from professional athletes to weekend warriors. In your evaluation, your physician will focus on identifying potentially serious cardiovascular conditions that, if left untreated, could harm you.  Our goal is to keep athletes safely active in their sport. 

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Cardiac Research

Our research team is passionate about exploring new devices, products, and procedures through studies conducted at our facility. By being involved in research, we are able to bring cutting edge technology and procedures to our patients that may not be readily available elsewhere. Learn more about our research initiatives.

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